There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy in Myrtle Beach!

The Grand Strand offers some of the most affordable oceanfront, residential and investment real estate opportunities in the United States, coupled with a thriving economy and an unparalleled quality of life. Whether you’re interested in purchasing an oceanfront investment, a retirement home, or relocating to the area, there's a remarkable variety of properties and neighborhoods with price ranges to suit every budget.

Add to that 60 miles of coastline and the warm waters of the Atlantic, world-class entertainment, attractions, shopping and dining, and you can appreciate why we love to call this beautiful destination “home.” Contact us today and let us welcome YOU home!

Why You Should Use a Condo-World REALTOR® in Your Search

Condo-World Real Estate Agents fully understand the real estate process – and just as important, we are experts in the Myrtle Beach area condo market. Having an experienced, knowledgeable real estate professional representing you in this transaction just makes good sense. Of course they know the right steps to take, but they can also help you avoid a misstep in your purchase. We can show you how our highly successful rental program will allow you to receive maximum return on your investment.

Decide Which Amenities and Features You Must Have – and Which Ones Would Be Nice but not Necessary
How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Would you prefer a newer condo or an older one?  Do you prefer a concrete/steel high rise or a wooden structure low rise?  How many pools, lazy rivers indoor and outdoor pools are important to you? Do you have a preferred floor level?  What is your price range?

With Your Agent, Begin Seriously Looking at Condos
Your agent can add to the list of condos you've already identified – including ones that have just come on the market. Look at condos with a critical eye – does the floor plan work for you, is the property in good condition, would it be right for your plans? Take notes at each condo you visit. What do you like and not like? Narrow down your choices.

Make an Offer
When you've identified the condo you want to buy, be prepared to help your agent prepare a written offer quickly. Your agent will be familiar with market values and will help you arrive at a price that gives your offer the best chance of being accepted.You'll be asked to submit an earnest money check with your offer. It is also helpful and sometimes necessary to have an approval letter from your lender or a proof of funds letter for a cash offer. At this stage, try not to become emotionally attached. Your offer may not be accepted for any number of reasons. Have backup condos in mind. Be prepared to negotiate through your agent with the sellers.

Once Your Offer Is Accepted:
•    Have the property professionally inspected.
•    If necessary, request repairs.
•    Choose an attorney [SC law to have an attorney]

Prior to closing date:
•    Contact utilities (phone, water, power, etc.).
•    A few days before closing, stage a walk-through.
•    Obtain a cashier's check for the final payment and closing costs.

 At Closing:
•    Make sure the terms and conditions of the loan statement are correct.
•    Carefully read everything before you sign and ask the attorney anything you do not fully understand.